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Absolutely thrilled! Have a new addition to my wedding wardrobe. What’s the big deal?

Stylish and suitable outfits are extremely hard to find, especially as I have strict criteria when it comes to my presentation as a marriage celebrant.

My outfit must be elegant, have classic lines and reflect the formality of the bridal party. Colour is important – I stay away from colours that brides choose, and avoid competing with the mothers of the bride and groom. I definitely never wear anything that screams of attention-seeking, such as very bright colours, patterns, florals, frills & flounces or bling.

Other No-Nos include very short skirts, low necklines, sleeveless or strappy bodices. I always wear fine denier stockings and classic high heels, even if they later result in tired feet!

My jewellery is classic and not eye-catching, e.g. basic pearls or a small gold pendant. Beforehand, I usually check the colour scheme with my brides, and if I have an outfit that works with what they have chosen, that is what I wear. In the scheme of things it may be considered only a small detail, but it’s amazing how it adds to the look of the wedding photos.

It goes without saying, that I make sure my hair and makeup complement the overall look.

Finally, if you are interested in what this new addition to my wedding wardrobe looks like, here’s a brief description: It’s a midnight- blue lace shift over satin, with see through panels at the hemline & on the elbow-length sleeves. I team it with a narrow, blue patent belt and nude-coloured, classic, patent high-heeled shoes.