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Happily married and a true romantic?

Perhaps you and your spouse are approaching a milestone such as 10, 20 or more years and are planning to celebrate with family & friends at home, a restaurant, or even, if you’re the sentimental types, where your reception was held. Then think about making your celebration even more special with a REAFFIRMATION OF MARRIAGE CEREMONY!

Think how wonderful it would be to have your whole bridal party standing beside you as you face each other, take hands and reaffirm those loving vows you made on your wedding day!

As celebrant, I can help you compose something truly romantic, based on the original words of your marriage ceremony.Your children, and if you’ve been married quite some years, your grandchildren, can play special roles in the ceremony or reception.  There could be an eternity ring for the bride and maybe a special ring for the groom too. It’s totally up to you and what you feel will make your anniversary special.