Marriage Ceremonies, Baby Namings and Renewal of Marriage Vows (Brisbane)


As a marriage celebrant with many years’ experience, I offer you:

  • • A unique, personal ceremony, which includes your special “story” as a couple

  • • I listen to your ideas so that your ceremony is all you both wish it to be

  • • Caring, friendly, and flexible approach with attention to every detail

  • • A free rehearsal at your venue to ensure a more relaxed occasion for all

  • • Sincere, clearly-spoken delivery using my high quality PA system, ensuring everyone hears and enjoys the ceremony

  • • Use of my PA system for playing your music, if operated by someone you nominate

  • • Your Presentation copy of your Marriage Certificate written in calligraphy

  • • Help in getting your Certified Marriage Certificate back from the Registry Office quickly

  • • I wear an outfit that is elegant yet understated, to ensure that you are the centre of attention on your special day

  • • Professionalism and integrity

A Wealth of Experience

As Australia’s first civil celebrant authorised to conduct marriages anywhere and at any time in Australia, I have a wealth of experience to draw upon when assisting you in composing and choreographing your ceremony.

I am comfortable and confident with ceremonies of different styles, in varied locations & venues, with couples of all age groups and ethnicity.

I have officiated at ceremonies on national television, underwater using scuba gear, at outback cattle properties, in parks & gardens, underneath waterfalls in rainforests, on beaches, in reception centres, at backyard barbeques, in luxury hotels & trendy restaurants, on boats, large & small, at my own home, in botanic gardens, in restored former chapels, in historical villages, on the top of high-rise buildings, at yacht clubs and in theme parks. I have married couples at sunrise & sunset, at midnight and breakfast, and even on Christmas Day! One place in which I’ve yet to conduct a marriage, is in a hot air balloon: I’m hoping someday, one day…

However, regardless of the venue, the time of day and the style of wedding, the most important part and the highlight of the ceremony for me, is those precious moments when a couple turn towards each other, take hands, look into each other’s’ eyes and say their marriage vows before all present.
Renewal of Marriage Vows & Baby Naming Ceremonies

For both these services, my fee is less than for a marriage ceremony, and if I have been your wedding celebrant, I offer you a special discount.

The ceremony for a Renewal or Reaffirmation of Marriage Vows follows a similar pattern to a marriage ceremony. However there are important differences. The vows, while they are often based on those from your wedding, usually involve pledges relating to the next phase of your life together. When it comes to ‘Your Story’, I will talk about your journey so far as a married couple, memories you treasure, milestones such as the birth of children, your achievements as a couple and individuals, treasured times with family and friends, and other highlights. Beautiful readings about marriage, the exchange of your original rings, or new ones such as eternity rings, and favourite pieces of music can all figure in your ceremony. If members of your wedding party are able to attend it adds a really nostalgic, romantic flavour to the occasion. Last but certainly not least, your children, and grandchildren if you have any, can be involved in various ways. Then there is a special Certificate of Reaffirmation written in calligraphy to pair up with your original marriage certificate.

The ceremony for the Naming of a Baby or Young Child is a beautiful way to celebrate another of the most important and happiest events in life. By means of this ceremony, parents officially introduce their child to family and friends. Godparents, Mentors, or Guardians chosen by the parents, promise to take a special, lifelong interest in the development and welfare of the child. Others with a special part in the ceremony are the grandparents and the brothers and sisters of the child being named. In this way, a child is publically welcomed into the Family, the friends, their local community, and to the world at large. Usually all present participate in the actual ‘naming’ by repeating after me a few sentences and together stating the full name of the child. There are many beautiful verses about children that can be chosen from for readings. Parents often come up with other mini ceremonies such as wishes written on small cards by guests and read loud before placing in a wishing well, or attached to helium balloons before being released to simultaneously fly skywards. Beautifully illustrated Naming Certificates in pink, blue, or lemon are written in calligraphy. After this is signed by the parents and godparents, all present are invited to put their names on the special envelope for the certificate. A popular idea is a special Naming Cake that is officially cut and shared around with all present.